For Flat Tire Service in Chicago, Contact Chicago 24 Hour Towing

One of the most common breakdowns is a flat tire. Although you probably will be able to change the flat yourself, we wouldn’t advise it. Here are a few reasons why performing a flat tire change by yourself can be a bad idea.

  1. If the flat tire leaves you on a busy highway it might be dangerous to start jacking up your car in the middle of all that traffic. A professional company like ourselves, experienced in emergency roadside assistance, will either tow you to a safer place to change the wheel, or if that can’t be done we’ll change it where it is. Our personnel are trained to take adequate safety precautions in heavy traffic and our vehicles are highly visible.
  2. Your spare tire might not be serviceable after having laid around in the trunk of your car for a while. The rubber might have perished or could be under-inflated. Driving on an under-inflated tire is extremely dangerous. Driving a heavily under-inflated tire for any distance will also ruin the tire even if it was in good condition at first.
  3. Flat tires also seem to happen on rainy days when you can’t afford to have your clothes destroyed. Don’t ruin your evening – call the experts and we’ll get you going fast and keep you dry in the process!
  4. If you’re traveling at a high speed when a flat occurs there might also be some associated damage to the car that you might not be aware of. Our team of specialists will look for signs of this and will be able to advise you and fix the flat tire.
  5. Sometimes a flat tire can be the result of picking up some nails or similar items that have been accidentally spilled onto the road. In such a case you might have a problem in multiple tires. We will check all your tires for you to ensure that it is safe for you to proceed.
  6. You might have a flat tire in an area where you feel a little vulnerable on your own. Chicago flat tire service operators can’t beat us for response time. When you call us we guarantee our response time to be twenty minutes or less.

Our office is open 24 hours a day, every day of the week, so whether you have a flat tire problem at home, on the highway or anywhere else, call us. If you need only one tire repaired or several, we will respond quickly and fix your problem. We like to think that our flat tire service in Chicago is second to none.

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